2023 Writing Goals: Your Personal Monopoly, Likes and Numbers

Writing Goals 2023

Hello fellow writers and happy new year. Big welcome to the 40 or so of you who’ve joined the courses in the past two weeks – and thanks. You can expect to get a post here and helpful links once a month.

This video here is a trailer for a full version which has just arrived in Section 11 of The Complete Freelance Writing Course, Lesson 61. It’s a favourite way of mine to focus at the start of a new year, or whenever the compass needs a reset. You are most welcome to share your ideas and goals in the course q & a, or message board.

The idea of a personal monopoly comes from a online writing teacher called David Perell, who runs acclaimed online courses, a podcast and an amazingly helpful article on how to write online ( long but most valuable read). He’s also quite active on twitter, if you’re there.

We’ve had extremely stormy weather in West Wales since the year start, but as I write this post, the sun has just started to shine. Wherever you are, I hope you have something that feels like sunshine on your horizon for 2023. Avanti!