Chat GPT For Writers: Foe Or Friend?

Now I’m keen to keep up with latest developments here for writers, so like half the internet I’ve spend the past couple of weeks playing with Chat GPI, the artificial intelligence bot. For Complete Freelance Writing Course students, the full lesson version on this has just been added to Section 2 of the course as Lesson 8 .

As part of my research into this, I went on a Chat GPT workshop online, run by Julie Hall, which was just $9 and well worth it. Almost 400 of us attended an online webinar run by AWAI, last Friday afternoon, where there was a useful emphasis on engaging with AI to help research, the importance of upskilling regularly as a writer and how AI writing could not compete with that of a strong and human voice…( well not yet, anyway!).

Finally on You Tube, if you’re a complete newbie to Chat GPT, this video should be helpful, although aimed at sales and marketing folk, it gives a most clear explanation.

If you’ve not tried it, do have a dabble and remember knowledge is power!